Friday, 10 December 2010

All Change!!!

Yay........I stamped. Very simple but at least it is stamping. Plus I used my H20's for colouring which I haven't done for a long time.
When Ruby is really happy she gives a great big grin and goes 'Eeeeeeeee'..........and that's just how I feel after a stamping!!!

Well it's all change here around Manic Towers. The view on my blog header is now no longer deep and crisp and even. It's more brown and soggy looking and the photo I took of the two birch trees......well I am so glad I took that as today one of them has been felled by what has to be the most incompetent tree surgeon in the history of tree surgery. He only went and felled it onto a neighbour's car didn't he? It's made quite a mess I can tell you. Apparently he was heard to say 'How the 'rude expletive' did that happen? Mr Manic was beside himself when he heard that. Not funny for the car owner obviously.

I now have to go and have a mega baking session as I have had an order for a fortieth birthday cupcake tower from one of DDIL's friends for tomorrow. Chocolate cupcakes with a large chocolate fudge cake for the top and DD wants a tray of cupcakes to take to her boyfriends tomorrow night. Oh well at least I will be warm while I am doing that.
DDIL is picking the tower up tomorrow afternoon and dropping Miss Doodle off here for the night. I've missed my kisses and cuddles today so I'm looking forward to that.
They liked the house when they went to see it yesterday and there were going to be discussions of the financial kind before a decision is made. I am keeping everything crossed that they take it.

Have a great weekend.
Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Beautiful card Sheila, the stamp is gorgeous. What a plonker that tree surgeon must be, he'll be popular ! Enjoy your baking spree. Sue x


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