Sunday, 12 December 2010

Crotchety Doodle!!!'s another Graphics 45 card tonight from the batch I made the other day.
Yesterday was just so busy as I ended up making the cupcake tower instead of doing it Friday because I went down with a bad headache. I made and decorated 60 cupcakes and a large chocolate fudge cake in five hours and just finished about half an hour before Miss Doodle was dropped off.
HRH was in a very bad mood today.....mainly I think because she got woken from her nap when she was taken out of the car seat. She didn't stay overnight because her daddy was able to collect her.
All in all I was on my feet for ten hours today and they sure are letting me know about it. So I am off to put them up and am hoping for a lie in this morning.
Bye for now...and thanks for visiting.

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