Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Today Will Be.........!!!

Mad, hot, busy and filled with the sweet smell of the cupcakes baking for my little boys wedding.
First I have to nip down to the local surgery to get my repeat prescription, then back home to start the baking. At 2:30pm I have to rush in to town and get my hair cut as the migraine was still there yesterday and I felt quite ill. I think tonight we will be very naughty and let the chip shop cook our!!!
I did get a card made yesterday as I had very strong inky urges which couldn't be ignored no matter how awful I felt. So if I get chance when I emerge from the clouds of flour I shall take a photo.
Thanks for dropping by.

ETA......Nearly at 100 now and I can honestly say that we will not be having cupcakes in the Manic household for a very, very long!!!

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  1. Lol - well done - make a few extra for the freezer then you don't have to deny yourselves even if you can't face making them!!

    Hope the weather is dry for the big day and you all have lots of fun


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