Monday, 1 November 2010

Getting There!!!

Just a simple card I made along with the one I made for the Creative Sketches card the other week. I thought I might as well use up the leftover paper while I had the stamps out.

Wedding preps are steaming along now despite a last minute job thrown at me by DDIL yesterday and an absolute humdinger of a migraine which has left me feeling like I have been run over by a truck.
Today I have cut out more sugarpaste hearts and I did them a little thicker than the last lot. They are soooooo much better. I also finished the traditional cake for the top of the cupcake tower but I won't show you a pic until I do the dry run and can show you the full thing. I am mighty pleased with it for saying I have never done this kind of cake before. It's very simple but nice.
Didn't get my hair done today with having the after effects of yesterday's migraine. My head was too sore to cope with anybody messing about on it so that has to get done tomorrow. I'm only going to Super Cuts so no worries about appointments etc.
Nothing else I can do on the wedding front tonight so I may have a couple of hours snuggled upstairs in the workroom as it's pretty chilly here in Manicshire. Wouldn't be surprised if there is a heavy frost tonight.

Thanks for dropping by today.

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