Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Ruby The Reindeer!!!

 My card today is another from the special order ones I have been doing. The paper and image are from The Clipart Fairy and were just perfect for a little boy's first Christmas.
No fancy techniques here...just cutting and layering.
Miss Doodle needed some fresh air yesterday so we took her for a ride to Byrkley Park Garden Centre where she just had to try out the seasonal accessories. The grumpy look on her face was because she had just woken up.

After she had gone home last night I went upstairs and between 5:30pm and midnight I made sixty cards.......yes you read that right....sixty!!! They were the thank you cards for DS and DDIL and I was determined to get them finished before bed time. Very simple I used the design from the cupcake boxes of just a band with a printed heart.

Today I have two invalids in the house. Ruby is still recovering from her cold and DD is snuggled up on the sofa with her cold just starting to come out. She is looking very sorry for herself so I am just off to feed her tomato soup and TLC.

Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. What a gorgeous card, the image is just so perfect ! That is one grumpy face, but I have to admit I don't look too good when I first wake up either :-)Hats off to you Sheila for making that many cards, I'd be lucky to make that many in a year at the pace I move ! Sue x


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