Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Picture Free Post!!!

Oh shattered am I today?
DDIL had to work late tonight and Miss Ruby has just left the building. She has been very hard to entertain today and with her cold a little out of her routine with feeding. She's over the worst now though so hopefully we will get back on track next week.
As you can imagine there has been no time for crafting so unfortunately this is a picture free post. I will however be in manic mode with the cards over the next few days as I have been lucky enough to have been asked to supply the village shop again which re-opens as a community shop on Saturday. I am now frantically looking for a reasonably priced card spinner that will hold assorted sized cards up to A5. The previous shop owner provided the stands but they seem to have been disposed of when the shop closed.
Tonight is Apprentice night so I am taking what's left of the day off.
Thanks for your visit.

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