04 November 2010

Chop, Chop!!!

Phew.......the cupcakes are nearly there. All extra for mishaps. Fifty are frosted, decorated and boxed. I am going to finish the rest while DD sleeps as she has just come in from a night shift and then we are starting on preparations for the salad bar.
The newly weds are having something a bit different for their reception's........delivered by Pizza Hut to the hall, then a salad bar with huge bowls of assorted salads and a dessert table.
Early evening we are all going over to Derby where Mr Manic is going out for a meal with DS and a couple of the male relatives from DDIL's family while DD and I will be joining the female relatives at the house for a Chinese takeaway. We won't be staying late as there will still be a bit of stuff wanting doing at home.
Managed to get in and get my haircut yesterday which was a relief so I should manage to look partway human for the!!!
So my next blog I should think will be when it's all over. I can't believe it's tomorrow. It only seems like five minutes since we were sitting waiting for the phone call from DS to say that his proposal had been accepted and here we are on the eve of the wedding. Soooo exciting!!!
Thanks for dropping by and letting me waffle on.


  1. Enjoy the day, Sheila, hope to see some wedding photos!!

  2. Best wishes to your Son and his little family. I hope you all have a wonderful day.


  3. the very best of luck and good wishes for this very special day,luv Georginaxx

  4. Hope you have a fabulous day, good luck and happiness to your son and DDIL on their special day.

  5. My very best wishes to your DS and DDIl on their special day. Have a wonderful time all of you!

    Sorry this message is late but I've been out all day until very late this evening.

    Lesley Xx


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