Saturday, 12 December 2009

Poorly Manic!!!

I am so sorry there have been no pics posted for a few days.
First of all I was busy with things for the open night and then I was at the shop later on Thursday for the open night. Friday I was rather poorly and spent most of the day on the sofa drifting in and out of sleep. I started to perk up a bit in the late evening but today I haven't felt too fabulous either.
I have a couple of cards which I did earlier in the week which I will try and take photographs of tonight or tomorrow.
Thanks for your patience.


  1. Ah! Sheila, I'm so sorry you're feeling under the weather and we Mums/Wives/Crafters don't have time for that at this time of year do we.

    I hope you're feeling much better now and look forward to your pix when you're up to it.

    Lesley Xx

  2. Poor you Sheila,good job your ahead with your christmas cards eh!!
    Keep in, keep warm and i'm sure DD will be looking after you
    x x x x

  3. Sheila, your health and well-being are more important than your blog. Your devoted fans will not disappear if you miss a day of posting! Take care and have a hot toddy or two!!!

  4. Hope you feel better soon Sheila, rather now than over Christmas. Make sure you get some tlc. Sue x

  5. Hi Sheila, sorry to hear you are not feeling well, you must be over doing things.
    Don't worry about not posting, all your friends will still be here, as and when you fel better.
    Just make sure you receive tlc from hubby and I know DD will look after you.
    Love & Hugs
    Christine xx

  6. Hi Sheila, I hope you are beginning to feel a little better. Maybe your DD could rustle you up some of her lovely dinners!

    Keryn x


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