Sunday, 20 December 2009

Paper Patchwork!!!

Eeeeeeh........did ya think I'd left the country?
Sorry I have just been busy and we have had all sorts going on at home this last week.
Been trying to finish up the present shopping but still have a couple of things I need to buy and get wrapped.
The shop closes on Wednesday and I will be there until then so I will cook the ham for our Christmas Eve tea on Wednesday evening rather than leaving it until Thursday. That will be the best way to make sure it's cold............I can't bear warm ham....yuck!!!

Not much in the mood for cardmaking at the moment but I did make the card and bag up above for a class on Saturday.
The card is half inch strips of co-ordinating papers arranged around a central square to look like patchwork.
The bag is one of those that has a box in the bottom.
Papers are Basic Grey.
Butterfly stamp is Inkadinkado.

Still waiting for the snow we were promised. I think everyone has got it but!!!
I looked out the window this morning and thought I saw about three tiny flakes....slight exaggeration there were a few more than that but if you'd have blinked you would have missed them.
We did get some up at Ashby last week but I think I would rather be snowed in at home and not have to go to work.......not the other way!!!

Anyway I am off to chuck my sorry carcass on the sofa where I am going to read for a while and then I am having an early night.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Pretty colours on your card Sheila, talk about busy! You'll be asleep by the time you serve your turkey at this rate!
    Enjoy your christmas!
    Keryn x

  2. These are really lovely Sheila. You need to come up to Yorshire, there's loads of snow up here ! Have a lovely Christmas, look forward to catching up in the New Year. Sue x

  3. Wow love this combo very nice. I have to say I love hot baked ham and I live in australia it one of things I will miss out on this christmas as we are doing breakfast.


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