Monday, 14 December 2009

Getting Back To Normal!!!

Feeling even more better today although still very tired.
I really don't know what has been wrong with me. It wasn't a cold or upset stomach just very headachey, so tired I could barely move and absolutely no appetite......very strange.
On Friday I had thought that maybe I had drunk too much coffee at work on Thursday and had a sort of hangover. I usually drink decaff at home when I drink coffee.
Well whatever it was it's on it's way.

I haven't done any cardmaking today. Instead I have been straightening up the workroom. Got rid of some storage I no longer needed and condensed some stuff down.
All of my ink pads are now on the book shelf. Until I can afford one of those gorgeous purpose built ink pad storage units it will make my life so much easier.
Just need to sort out my boxes of offcuts now. They drive me mad. No matter how organised I start off they always end up a mess.
Once that is done I shall get the Christmas pressies wrapped and out of the way so I can crack on with some crafting.

Tomorrow if I have any energy I am going to start on cleaning the kitchen up so that I don't have it all to do on Christmas Eve. It's a job I don't like very much but it has to be done.

Right.....I am off back upstairs for an hour before bed time.
Thanks for your visit.


  1. Glad you're feeling better Sheila. Good luck with the kitchen tomorrow. Think how good you will feel when it's done.

    Lesley Xx

  2. Good to hear you're feeling more like yourself. Sue C x

  3. Pleased you are feeling better Sheila, just don't over do it on your kitchen LOL
    Christine xx


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