15 December 2009

The New Me!!!

Oh gawd........I think I am better. I have gone all day without having to have a nap...........yay!!!
I didn't do the kitchen today.......DD was worried it would set me back if I did too much so she is going to help me with that on Sunday.
She did allow me to potter about in my room and although I didn't make any cards I did get quite a bit of cutting up done.
After that she made me sit on the sofa, made the tea and we watched an obscene number of episodes of Private Practice......a spin off of Grey's Anatomy. It is brilliant.
We laughed, we cried, we drooled over the gorgeous fellas and I feel so much better for that.

So work now with only one day off before Christmas Eve.
Tomorrow I have to design some cards for a class that Deb has booked in for Saturday so I might have something to post at last.

Tonight I will start reading my Christmas book.....Winter Solstice and guess what.......we have snow predicted on our bit of the map so I am squishing my nose to the window every five minutes to see if it has started.........getting in touch with my inner!!!

Anyway I am off for a bath now. I have gone cold as DD and I were so engrossed in Private Practice that we let the fire go out and my feet are a very peculiar shade of blue.

Bye for now


  1. That's good to hear Sheila. Don't overdo it before Christmas though.

    Lesley Xx

  2. Hi Sheila,
    I didn't think that DD would let you do the kitchen by yourself.
    Just don't over do it before christmas.
    Good news for me, plaster is off, so I am hoping to get in to see you.
    Christine xx

  3. I have been offline for a little while and just catching up. So looks like I have a few more of your posts to read. Great to hear that you are feeling well though and that you have a wonderful Christmas.


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