Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Acetate Smash!!!

Sounds quite violent doesn't it? Acetate!!!
It's quite a gentle technique though involving stamping onto acetate, adding acrylic paint to the reverse of the image and then placing it onto a piece of neutral cardstock.
Gorgeous effect though.
Here I have mounted the piece onto some gold card and then attached it to the stamped card blank with gold elasticated thread.
Stamps are Hero Arts and Stamp To Your Arts Content.

Well I have come home with card cutters elbow. I have been prepping a class for tomorrow and have spent the whole day scoring and cutting all the bits needed.

Still feeling a bit tired so DD is insisiting on my taking a night off tomorrow night and I am not going to argue. She has offered to cook again bless her and apparently I am to do nothing except go straight up and have a shower, change into my pj's and get comfy on the sofa. Ooooh I could get used to!!!

The man of the house has just arrived home so I had best go and have a cuppa with him before he goes off to bed. I am going to read for a while as I am just about to start the second of the books that DD bought me.
The first was Last Christmas by Julia Williams and I loved it.

Thanks for your visit today.


  1. Hi Sheila, this is a gorgeous card and a super technique. I haven't tried to stamp onto acetate as I am afraid I will make a mess.
    Sounds like an idea for a workshop LOL
    Christine xx

  2. Wow, this and the previous post sound like to brilliant techniques Sheila. I marvel at the amount of stamping knowledge you have!

    Love both the pieces by the way.

    Lesley Xx


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