Sunday, 13 December 2009

Alcohol Inks......With Peeloffs!!!

At the beginning of the week I was having a bit of a mooch through my backgrounds box and came across the two pieces used here which I thought went very well together.
The first is the green background which is silver holographic ( card covered with scrunched tissue paper and coloured with inks.
The second is more nasty card coloured with alcohol inks.
I know that the usual thing would be to do some clever stamping with these but I thought I would do the opposite and use up a sheet of 3D peeloffs which I had aquired from somewhere. I think it worked quite well.

Thankfully I am starting to feel a little better now. Not 100% but getting there.
I went into town with hubby this morning to do some freezer shopping and had to have a sleep when I got back as I was exhausted.
While in town we had to split up for a while as we wanted to go into different shops and hubby very kindly bought me a bath bomb. Trouble is it smells so highly of cloves that it takes the skin off the inside of your nose.....pheee....ew!!! I have left it out unwrapped to try and calm it down a bit before I use it. Bless him though eh?

We are celebrating the X Factor result at Manic Towers tonight. So chuffed that Joe won and I love the song that will be his first single so much that I will definitely be buying it.

After Tuesday I only have one day off before Christmas Eve as I am looking after the shop while Deb goes into hospital. There are no classes that I know of so I shall just have a good tidy up ready for when we re-open in the new year.

Anyway I am off for a Badedas bath......yummy......and a good read for half an hour after which I might watch a girly film once hubby has gone off to bed.

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  1. These colours look fab together Sheila. Glad you're starting to feel a little better. Sue x

  2. Glad you're on the mend Sheila especially as it sounds like you need to be on top form from now until Christmas.

    Your description of the 'nasty' holographic card made me chuckle 'cos that's just what I think every time I see some. Have to say though you've made a stunning card out of nasty.

    I swear you could make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, lol!

    Lesley Xx

  3. Pleased to read you are feeling better Sheila.
    Love your description of the holographic card, show's that when you have the 'now how' you can make anything look stunning.
    I hope I will be able to pop into Monks Den to see you before christmas.
    Love & Hugs
    Christine xx


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