Sunday, 1 June 2008

Funny Kind Of Day!!!

It's been a funny kind of day today. The sky has been a very odd colour and threatening rain but we never got any. I was expecting thunder as I had one of those heads you get........not a headache as such but a heavy feeling that feels like it's going to turn into one.
I've not really settled to much and have just been finishing off some odd things and then making samples for the shop with the cupcake stamps. The inspiration for the black, pink and lime card came from Dawn's Stamping Thoughts although I have changed it a bit to make it into a card that will stand rather than how it was shown as that was more like an invitation type design.
Now I have to sort out the cards which will be going down to the local shop tomorrow as it is stocking up day.
That's about it really except I would just like to thank Andrea for leaving me the message regarding the Scor-Pal board. I think I will just order it from the US when funds allow......could be an early Christmas pressie from!!!
Bye for now

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  1. I love these cards,they are fab,will pop back again soon:-)



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