Tuesday, 17 June 2008

A Touch Of The Gremlins!!!

Well I must say today has been fun.............not!!!
It has been the sort of day when I should have turned over, gone back to sleep and just let the world get on with!!!
First thing this morning the kettle wouldn't work......big disaster as anyone who knows me knows that I am not human until I have had my cuppa in the morning. Tea to me is like petrol to a car.........I don't go without it. Anyway hubby did manage to get it going in fits and starts and we did eventually get our brew.
9am to 4pm wasn't too bad although I was held up at the shop which meant we hit the traffic coming home so got in quite a bit later than normal.
Went up for a bath and discovered that the loo doesn't want to flush properly. It was fine this morning. So hubby has had to fix that.....accompanied by much cussing and swearing as plumbing along with most DIY jobs just isn't his 'thing'.
Got that sorted and was just settling down to sort out my stuff for the classes tomorrow when DS came in and said that the tumble drier was making a funny noise. It didn't sound very healthy so I think that is on it's way out. I could do without having to replace that just now.
Things haven't got any better since. The stamp I needed to make up a sample for the class wasn't where it should be and it took a good half hour and shifting of much stuff to find it. Then I inked up the stamp and pressed it down on the card and something cracked in my hand and sent a pain up my arm which nearly sent me through the roof. Gawd knows what I have done but it's throbbing like BillyO. Everything moves OK and it's not swelling up or anything but it bloomin' well hurts.
I think I am going to get off to bed before anything else happens......I daren't even touch my new toy but I had a go with the shop DreamKuts today and so far I love it. Just hope that tomorrow isn't quite as bad.
Hope you've all had a better day.
Thanks for dropping by.

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