Sunday, 15 June 2008

Lazy Daisy Saturday!!!

For some unknown reason I woke up this morning and just couldn't face making any cards......even though I want to get all my class stuff sorted for next week. My main problem at the moment is that I have stuff everywhere, all over the house waiting to move up to my new room and there is stuff I thought I wouldn't use in amongst it somewhere which I needed and just couldn't be bothered to go and find.
So...........I was baaaaaad and took the day off and I don't care.........cos look what I made instead............................
Thanks to these fab instructions HERE I now have some fantastic storage for my clear stamp sets.........or a few of them anyway. ETA-I have sorted the link but you will need to scroll down and look for the 'Start to Finish Chipboard Purse' is well worth it.
Some time ago Deb gave me a gift of a set of all the Basic Grey Periphery papers and I love them sooooo much that I didn't want to use them on something I would be giving away or what better way to use them then on something that would be useful and meant that I would get to look at them every day.
I didn't add the ribbon handles as I thought they would end up getting tangled so I just made the basic purse and dug my gold gilding wax out of the back of the cupboard to finish off the edges. They look so posh and I can't wait to get my units sorted out upstairs so that I can display them properly. Just need to make a few more for my other sets and then I think I may make a few for storing paper pads. I'm chuffed to bits with them.

For several reasons I have decided to give up my place on the TandaStamps Design Team and Challenge Blog. I need to get ahead with my design work for Monks Den for both regular and Christmas classes as we are getting very busy now and people do keep mentioning the 'C' word.
Alex tells me that I will still be an honorary made me feel like the Granny of All Stampers when he said that.
I know Alex has someone lined up for the challenges so they will carry on with Wendy and the new person.

Well I am going to go and try to get some sleep. I tried already once but couldn't get comfortable as I have the most awful pain in my shoulder.......probably been lifting too many cups of!!!

See ya soon



  1. Beautiful storage idea Sheila! Sorry that you won't be doing the challenges - will miss you! I am pleased that things are good for you though and you are busy!

  2. Those boxes look fab - the link didn't seem to work for me though....

    Great idea to use fave papers for things you're going to keep = might actually encourage us all to actually use them!

    You sound so busy, Sheila but it'll be exciting to see what you get up to next - all your stuff is so fab

  3. neat idea for storing clear stamps!

  4. What a great storage idea! I was also using Periphery papers for the first time today. Aren't they gorgeous?

  5. What a great storage idea ... I was just struggling today with what to do with my growing acrylic stamp collection.


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