Sunday, 29 June 2008

Can't See The Walls For The Paint!!!

Evening All.................
I have been so busy today but have really enjoyed myself in a weird kind of way.
My new room is coming along nicely although the painting is giving me a bit of trouble. I am trying to cover purple with Fresh Cotton which is a slightly off white and by gum it's taking some doing. I have roughly half the room done but it has taken three coats to do it.
I have my cutting area painted and furnished now.......just need to dismantle my cupboard unit in the old workroom and reassemble it upstairs as unfortunately it won't go up as it is.
My original plan to move my current three metre worktop up there has been scuppered as there is no way it will go around the bend to the second flight of stairs but hubby has said I can have the dining table until we sort out my island unit......although I am having a bit of a rethink about a unit to stand at after bashing my head on the low beams all day.
I'll take some pictures as soon as it starts to look decent.
Sorry I have no cards to post tonight. I feel like making some but my stuff is split between the two rooms at the minute and I don't know really where anything is.

Right O.......I am off for a kip as I am totally shattered.
Bye for now

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