Thursday, 12 June 2008

Thank Gawd It's Thursday!!!

After having worked last Saturday and broken up my three day weekend I am sooo ready for my three days off. Having said that I will be working all weekend on samples for classes next week. I think I have four classes booked but there is one booked for the week after which I would like to be well prepared for so I shall be getting that sorted this weekend too.
I made a start tonight with the card up yonder. One of my favourite techniques of using Perfect Pearls over clear embossing and then reheating. The stamps used are from Elusive Images.

Smudge is coming along nicely. The major wound on his rear end has been checked by the vet today and he will have his staples out on Wednesday next week. While we are petting him though we keep finding puncture wounds that are scabbing (horrible word that)'s a wonder the poor little mite isn't leaking like a sieve.

Well it's just about midnight and I bet you will never guess what is next on my jobs list...........flippin' mad am I?
I seem to have accumulated three baskets full somehow which is a bit unusual but I don't want to leave it for DD to do on her week off next week. She will just have finished a nine night stretch and usually after that she doesn't even start to feel human until halfway through her rest week so it's a bit unfair to leave her three baskets of ironing to tackle.
Can't even have any music on to help the job along as hubby has the most sensitive hearing of anyone I have ever known and it will only disturb him.
Oh well best go and get started.

Bye for now

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