Friday, 27 June 2008

Just Too Embarrassing!!! today is obviously National Dork Day and I am honouring it all by!!! I seem to have gone and deleted some of the pictures from my blog by my header......duh!!!
I was fiddling about in my Picasa thingy last night and there were some pics that had like 6 images so I deleted 5 and it looks like I maybe shouldn't have done that. I'm all in a grump now as I could without spending time putting it all back but I will because it just looks odd. In future I will be keeping well away from my picture gallery. are back and I didn't have to do anything..yay!!!

I bet you're all thinking that I have posted a very strange card tonight but you know I am always going on about my addiction to paper and various other crafty materials......well tonight I have had a very big sort out of my paper stash as I have an alcove upstairs which I want to use just for storing paper and I though that if I sort it properly now that it will save me a job when I finally get up there. So this box which measures about 13 x 18 inches is just a tiny part of my stash. This is all of my paper pads and stash of 12 x 12 which has been cut in half.......originally to fit in a drawer.
Then I also have four 12 x 12 storage cases that are full to bursting. One for Basic Grey, one for K & Co, one full of the paper from Costco and one full of assorted companies........and that is only what I have sorted so!!!
I did manage to get away from work today without buying too much.....just a 6x6 BG Two Scoops pad.....and maybe I bought two boxes of Doodlebug Paper Frills. I might even have bought a PM Craft Tote in pink and brown and there could possibly have been a couple of storage boxes and a set of BG Stamps........but shhhhhhhh don't tell hubby as he is going to have to carry it all upstairs.

I'm going to get off to bed now so that I can get up at a reasonable time in the morning. I may be able to start my painting later in the day so I need to get my other jobs done in the morning.
Bye for now

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