Saturday, 31 May 2008

Sorting Out Day!!!

Cooo I have been a busy old bee today. When I got up I decided that today would be the day that I took control over my humungous collection of 12x12 papers and so that is what I have done.
Previously they were in a haphazard kind of filing system in storage bags and as there were five of them plus a huge pile of unsorted stuff.......I could never find anything without a search through all these bags and the pile. Well not never no should see how organised I am now. It's all in one big strong plastic storage box with dividers for each company and I know exactly where everything is. It's taken me all day apart from the time out to watch Britain's Got Talent this evening but it's all done and dusted now.
Obviously not had time to do any cardmaking as such today although I am going to be starting today's card is one I made last week for a special order. I'm not usually very good with childrens cards but when the request was just for something pink and girly I didn't think I could go far wrong with this Woodware fairy and some glitter.

I was gutted that Signature didn't win BGT as I thought they were fantastic but George was brilliant too so I am glad that he won and not an act that was singing or playing opera.............I am sooooo not into opera.....well apart from the odd tune that you hear on ads. DD is very heavily into it so when she is playing anything I have to put headphones on to listen to something else.........I sometimes wonder who exactly is in charge in our!!!

Well if it turns out nice tomorrow I am going to try and get out in the garden for a while and tidy up my Aquilegias which are looking a bit battered now after the winds we had. I'm hoping to go and pick up a few new plants from Bridgemere next Friday if DD doesn't get called in to work and she is going to treat me to lunch out too.
I have to try and get rid of a blackcurrant bush that hubby shoved in right next to my Caryopteris. He sends for things from all over the place (freebies) and just shoves them in without a thought for how big and wide they'll grow or how they will affect anything else growing there. I can nurture and care for things for months and they die on me but he just puts in what looks like a dead twig and the next minute we have a ruddy triffid's so unfair. I'm sorry though........the blackcurrant bush has to go.

Right well I am off to stamp for a bit.
Bye for now

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