Monday, 26 May 2008

Happy Monday!!!

Today has been a proper giggly day. Hubby as been on top form as the family 'numpty'. His antics have had me wondering what exactly I was on when I accepted his marriage proposal 33 years ago.
He decided that today he would get the new garden furniture out of it's box and assemble the table but instead of doing it out in the garden like a sensible person would.....he decided to bring it into the kitchen and do it there. Now our back door/kitchen door arrangement does not go well with bringing in unassembled items to take out again assembled. DD and I could see this but hubby couldn't so we spent a good fifteen minutes rolling our eyes and silently giggling while he did his man with a spanner routine. Come to get the table out and it wouldn't go. He shoved and pushed, huffed and scratched his head while DD and I were helpless with laughter. In the end I solved his problem by getting him to nudge my tall bookcase about an inch forward and lifted the table about six inches higher to clear a window ledge and out it slid like a dream. According to him I am too clever for me own good.........I am still trying to decide between the meat cleaver and the carving knife.
Oh he does make me laugh.......bless him.

The wind has been a bit scary today. I've not seen any real damage anywhere but the trees have been nearly bent double. Now it is thrashing it down with rain but nice and cosy in my little room.

I've spent most of the day scoring and folding card blanks but I did take time to have a play with another of my new stamps. This is Paris Socialite from Stamps Happen. I have stamped just part of the image onto a three inch square of card and painted it with various strengths of watered down Adirondack ink in Slate. I then added some cerise pink accessories and coloured the edges of the card with a black StazOn ink pad. It has then been attached to a double mat of two greys with lace tape embellishment. I didn't add a greeting as I felt it would spoil it a bit so it will just be a blank card.
Tomorrow will probably be a card with cars on as I will have my new B Line Designs car cube....or it could be cupcakes.....I shall see how the mood takes!!!
Hope you all had a fab Bank Holiday weekend.
Bye for now


  1. Love your story! It made me laugh this morning,thanks! I also think your card is wonderful! I will have to get at these "Stamps Happen" stamps!
    smiles, Deena

  2. Great stuff.
    I just found your blog and love it.
    Look forward to reading more


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