Monday, 19 May 2008

Bloomin' Men!!!

I seem to be having a bit of trouble adding pictures to my blog posts. I can add one but then it won't take another until I have written my post and saved it as a draft......then I can go in and add another pic......most annoying. My blog is nowhere near full so I don't know what's up with it.
Anyhoo.......I've been having a bit of a blitz on men's cards this weekend to take down to the local shop. Mostly Father's Day cards but I did a few without specific greetings so that they can be left in for other occasions. These are a couple that I have done and I have to admit to using a bit of inspiration from Jo Kill for the boat card and a fab layout that Sue Hyde did for the DCM Recycle A Card dare from last week.

Can't believe the weekend is over already can you? I get to Thursday evening and I'm full of plans for doing loads over my three days off and then it's gone before I even get started.
Hubby was helping a friend do some fencing all weekend so I have been in charge of the cooking. Saturday I made a lasagne and I would usually use a jar of pasta sauce but decided to make my own from went down very well. Then Sunday we didn't bother with a roast dinner I just marinaded some chicken in lime and coriander for DD and meself and did Cajun chicken for DH then did new potatoes roasted in garlic oil and a salad. I am once again a Domestic Goddess as far as DH and DD are concerned......oh and I mustn't forget Smudge who got some of my leftover chicken. He is at this moment lying on his back, legs to the four corners of the room with a fat pink tummy on show snoring most contentedly.

Best go and get some sleep so I'm bright and shiny for the class in the morning. I'm doing my Agatha Panthus cards with my regular Monday lady so I don't want to be falling asleep.
Night night.

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