Monday, 26 May 2008

Stormy Sunday!!!

Ooooh it has been such a smashing day today. My favourite weather........wet and no guilty feelings for not being out in the garden or having lines full of washing out. It meant I could get on with a couple more orders without any distractions.
I will just apologise for the weather if has spoilt your weekend. Hubby bought a new set of garden furniture as he had planned a BBQ for Saturday so what else would it do but rain.
The card I have posted is for a lady to give to her husband on their anniversary and she wanted musical notes and hearts. It just so happened that I have just bought this Penny Black stamp which I have wanted for a long time but didn't get around to buying until Saturday.
It's all very simple stamping and colouring with pencils and LOT's but I am very pleased with how the violin turned out. It was stamped and embossed in gold which I then tried to age with a couple of coats of Tea Dye Varnish but I couldn't get the depth of colour I wanted. Being a 'try anything bar hanging' kind of girl I decided to add a puddle of walnut ink and let it dry naturally. It has a beautiful glow about it now which is a bit lost in the photo but I am well pleased with it.

Well as I said it has been a smashing day. Hubby cooked for us, he does a real mean Sunday lunch and he did an early one today so the afternoon has seemed gloriously endless. Then tonight we watched Walk The Line a film about Johnny Cash. Not my most favourite singer ever but very intriguing I always thought and the film was fabulous.
Now I am all snuggled up in my workroom with the heater on to combat all the draughts sneaking in and I am going to start some more stamping projects off. I may finish them, I may not, who cares as I have the day off tomorrow.....yay!!! Gotta love Bank Holidays.
Kathy wants to know how I got my sprinkles so evenly spaced on my cupcake card I posted yesterday. Well Kathy I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to sprinkles so I marked them out with a pencil before adding a dot of glue and then the the bead. I can't be doing with untidy
Ann very kindly pointed me in the direction of some storage boxes....thank you Ann. I have lots of those boxes already and I love them but I was needing drawer sets to reorganise my ink pads. Hubby found some in the sale at WH Smith which were an absolute bargain at £1.75 for a set of 3 A4 drawers but there were only two sets. They were only at this price because they are the most disgusting shade of orange you ever saw but I will eventually paint them or cover them in some way.
Right I am going to make myself a nice cuppa to enjoy in peace now that everyone else has gone to bed and then I will get on with my stamping.
Bye for now

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  1. Very classy card, Sheila. I'm just catching up with all your recent crafting - inspiring as usual


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