Thursday, 29 May 2008

Oooooh Look At This Lot!!!!

You all know that I am a pushover when it comes to craft stuff........right?
Well just look at this little lot that came home with me tonight....what am I like?
This is only about half of the stuff I have my eye on and by next Thursday there will be more as I pick stuff up as I go round the shop. I have a permanent basket on the side behind the till which gets fuller and fuller as the week goes on. Deb is always laughing at me and saying 'Oh no what has she got now'!!!
The box of ribbons is fantastic as there is 60 metres in there and the top has openings where you can push the end of the ribbon through so that they can stay nice and clean in the box. It even has a thing on the back where you can hang it on the wall. How cool is that?
I am not going to even try and justify why I bought all this......I just wanted it but it will all look gorgeous in my new room when I get in there. DS will be moving out around the 27th of June so I will move in after that. I have asked hubby in advance if I can have an island unit to work at rather than sitting at a desk so he is going to see about getting that made over the next month.
I can't wait to have all of my stuff set out properly and I am going to be so tidy.....if you believe that you will believe anything.
Now do I break into all these goodies or do I keep them all bright and shiny for my new room? Decisions,!!!

Bye for now

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