05 June 2017

You're Never Too Old......!!! learn something new.
This is what I told my daughter when I put my foot down and insisted that at the age of 37 it was about time she learned to cook.
So far she has done two different Sunday lunches and she is doing very well although I don't know which is more exhausting....doing it myself or teaching her to do
On Saturday I will start on teaching her how to make some of our family favourite recipes for weekday meals.

I could have done with a dry sunny day today as I seem to have a mountain of laundry to do but it's raining and shows no signs of clearing up.

I had a lovely couple of hours out with DDIL and the girls on Friday wandering in the grounds of the Buddhist centre and enjoying the peace and quiet.......and the excellent coffee and chocolate cake in their cafe. I have decided that I would quite like to take some of their meditation classes and will definitely look into that soon.

As you can imagine I am not looking forward to Wednesday this week which is the day of Maggies funeral but I have asked that Ruby comes for tea as usual as I think those hugs and kisses will go a long way to helping in the healing process and moving forward.

Hope you are all OK.



  1. Oh I get what you're saying about it being easier to do it yourself Sheila. Amy will sometimes offer to cook and my heart sinks, but I let her because otherwise how will she learn.

    Having Ruby will be just the tonic you need after a very sad day and I think you're right in asking her to come round. If you don't come on here before the funeral I hope it's beautiful and honours Maggie in the way you all want to. xx

  2. I got Francesca into cooking as soon as possible. When she was at Uni in Exeter she passed on her skills to many others and they all saved money and ate well. I think that tea with Ruby will certainly help to lift your spirits. x

  3. Having the hugs and cuddles from the little ones hopeful will help with your pain, I shall be thinking of you xx

  4. Ah yes, it's often easier to get on and do it yourself as deal with endless questions and the inevitable aftermath. At least she is willing to learn and maybe you will occassionally get a break from the cooking eventually.
    I'm sure hugs and kisses from Ruby will be just the thing to help with the healing process.
    Much love Sheila. Thinking of you. X

  5. My mother didn't really teach us to cook, she was of the 'get out of my kitchen' school - which she's passed on to me! I taught myself and now love cooking, and much prefer to do everything myself. Husband does offer to cook sometimes, but the kitchen looks like a bomb's hit it afterwards, he seems to use every utensil and covers every surface with used pots, dishes and mess. Plus he keeps asking me how much of whatever to use, what heat the oven should be on....

    I hope the funeral is a lovely celebration of Maggie's life, and that Ruby soothes your soul afterwards. xx

  6. I sometimes felt that way when teaching the 'kids' about the washing machine and doing the washing up. I think in the long run it works out better lol. I had no trouble with daughter learning to cook. She's actually pretty good at it and (when she's not tired from work) likes experimenting with different recipes. I was really surprised that my middle son learned to cook. He's actually pretty good too. He lives alone so I guess it's learn, starve or come to Mum's. I'm really proud of him. He was diagnosed with Asperger's when he was younger and I really thought he would never move out. He even lives in a different town (closer to his work).

    I hope the funeral goes as well as it can and (as the person above says) that it is a wonderful celebration of Maggie's life. She sounds like a wonderful sister who will be much missed.

  7. I left home and moved to another country and didn't know much about cooking. Once I got married I more or less taught myself to cook. If I liked a dish that someone served I'd ask for the recipe. Yes a few failures along the way but that is how you learn. With your guidance I am sure she will be very good.

    I wish for you a peaceful goodbye to your dear sister Maggie on Wednesday and hope little Ruby coming to tea gives you comfort.


  8. You will be in my thoughts on Wednesday Sheila, hope all goes well. Such a nice thing to do to teach your daughter to cook.

  9. Cooking involves a steep learning curve! Hope you don't have to endure too many disasters along the way...all the best for Wednesday...And as emotionally heart wrenching as it will be hold tight to the fact that Ruby will be waiting for her Ganma afterwards. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and sending positive vibes your way. Jackie oxo

  10. I don't remember teaching my son and daughter to cook but they both are good cooks now, my husband made the best Yorkshire puddings.

    Will be thinking of you tomorrow has you say your goodbyes to Maggie, it will be nice to see Ruby afterwards.
    Tender hugs, Hazel c uk

  11. I shall be thinking about you tomorrow and hope you have lots of kisses and cuddles to help warm your heart afterwards xx


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