Friday, 30 June 2017

A Cheap And Simple Solution!!!

Yay....I am back with a full set of keys.
The laptop keyboard is toast but we came up with the cheap and simple solution of a plug in keyboard with a USB connector.
A cost of £14.99 rather than nearly £300 for a new laptop....that'll do for me. If Argos had had one in stock it would have been the £9.99 one but the extra fiver is worth it.

I wasted such a lot of time messing about with the flippin' thing yesterday that I am a little behind with jobs so I need to get myself into gear today and catch up to get ready for our little weekend visitor......although I won't see much of her tonight as she is off out for tea and a visit to the cinema with Aunty DD. Nothing to cook today then as Andy is treating himself and me to fish and chips which he will pick up on his way home from work.

Tomorrow I will need to go and do a top up shop. Ruby loves to go shopping so I have managed to eke things out so that she can come with us. I think we will go to the little town and have a wander around the charity shops as that is one of her favourite things and I can have a look for some books.
Ooooh I am looking forward to seeing her later.

Okey dokey......lots to do so I had best go and get on....after I have had my coffee of course.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.


  1. Glad you are all sorted, have a lovely weekend yourself x

  2. Ooh fish and chips, they are fantastic from the shop in Pontardawe but off my menu for a fair while yet. enjoy the weekend, it should be warm and dry but we will see.

  3. Fish and chips on a Friday...sounds proper...just wish we could go back to eating them out of newspaper again...I'm sure it made them taste better...soaking up the grease rather than forming a slippery layer...or worse still from that's going to be healthy! Have a lovely weekend with the little 'un. x

  4. Fish and chips sounds just the ticket. Have a wonderful time with Ruby.

  5. Good solution with the keyboard! My keyboard key 'H' fell off. I fiddled with the darn thing for ages before I gave up. Luckily I can still use the 'H' though.

    I'd love some fish and chips - another month and I'll be able to have some! Time is going fast and it will soon be time for me to fly!

  6. I had a laptop at work but also a keyboard. I liked the screen higher up (it sat on a box!) and the keyboard was on my desk. Enjoy your fish and chips, and your weekend with Ruby. Catriona

  7. Good idea to buy a keyboard rather than go to the expense of a new laptop. We bought a washing machine today. Just a little bit of research on quick washes and spin speed and then I chose the cheapest there was :). Xx


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