18 June 2017

Easy Does It!!!

Andy was up and out early this morning to get up to the next village for the Sunday papers before the lycra clad army started belting down the main road.
While he was up there he heard gossip from two sources that this will be the last Ironman. I don't know how true it is.

So back with the papers he and I have had a lovely quiet morning while DD has been getting her chef hat on.....although I did have to step in and assist when the onion sauce went a little bit awry.

It is dreadfully hot here. The thermometer in the dining room is edging up towards 28C but it feels much hotter.
Poor old Smudge is not liking it at all so he has his own pack of ice lollies in the freezer for cooling him down.

As soon as lunch and the washing up are done with I shall go and bake a chocolate cake as we are expecting a visit from the Doodles later on so it will be nice to offer them tea and cake when they come to see Dad/Grandad.

.....and that's about it for today here at Tea Towel Mansion....nothing exciting but then it's too hot to be doing anything too

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.


  1. Sounds perfect Sheila. I hope Andy has had a relaxing day.
    Lily and I have spent the day at the beach and I'm looking forward to eating in the garden this evening. Paella with a glass of red.
    Enjoy your visitors. X

    1. Now a day at the beach does sound perfect Jules.
      Enjoy your meal in the garden-x-

  2. We had a run put to the west coast which is only 45 mins away. Packed lunch and coffee thrown together at home then take away curry just now. Perfect! Catriona

  3. I refuse to bake when it is that hot so I do admire you for turning your oven on for a chocolate cake but I do expect it was well received.

    I only like hot weather when I am at the seaside.

    Hope you are well Sheila.

    1. Hi Sandy
      The oven was only on for half an hour or so and I went out of the way of extra heat while it did it's thing.
      I don't like hot weather at all. It makes me feel quite poorly but a day at the seaside sitting under a parasol with a good stiff sea breeze would be heaven right now.
      Hope you are well too Sandy.

  4. Far too hot today, around 31 degrees so far too hot for the poor dogs xx

    1. It was the same here Cheryl not a whisper of a breeze either-x-

  5. Sadly we are not enjoying the heat, the oven was on most of the day, while I did some baking and batch cooking for the week.

  6. We had a 5K run here for breast cancer awareness and our street is part of the route that they run on. There's usually only about a one hour window where we can't leave with the car so it's not so bad and it's for a wonderful cause. Megan and I got to watch from the front yard and cheer people on. :) xo

    ~ Wendy


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