Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Shut That Door!!! (Herb Table Edit)

The thermometer has a little triangle on it that says that if I so wanted I could put the heating thanks I'll make do with my cardigan and some socks....the cool is cool.
The only thing I can't stand is a draught so I am constantly shouting 'shut the bloody door' at the moment which makes a change from 'will you please leave the bloody door open'

Very worrying that the company that Andy works for was caught up in the latest hacking event. That brings it very close to home.
I wish these evil swines could be caught.

DD and I were so chuffed last night to find the local hedgehog in our garden. He is absolutely gorgeous and we quite often see him having a wander round the estate at teatime searching for something good to eat. It was lovely to see him at close quarters.

A good day on the job front yesterday although I have not completely finished.....I decided to give myself a bit of a break, cut some more fabric for the quilt top and add little snippets of fabric to the plan I have drawn out to give me an idea of what it will look like and a pattern to work to when I start sewing the blocks.
It's looking very nice.

Today is Doodle Day so me Ruby will be here for a couple of hours after school and I won't have to wait very long to see her again as she is coming to stay for the weekend. I am so happy.
Sleepovers used to be nearly every month but she now has such a busy social life with birthday paties or play dates nearly every weekend so we don't see as much of her as we used to.
This weekend we are having a Troll Fest. It's one of her favourite films at the moment so the weekend will involve lots of pink and probably a ton of glitter......including glitter

Well that is me for today. I just need to go and have a quick tidy up and run the hoover round before she gets here.
As it's cold and wet I am guessing the meal request will be tomato soup....her favourite.

Hope the rain isn't stopping your play.

Editing to add this pic of the herb table for Jackie and MM.....

 Mine came already says grey wash on the box but DD says it's a blue/green if it is the same as the display model.


  1. We had light drizzle all day but it is still warm. I am having a knitting day, I want my cardigan off the needles and another cast on, my monthly round up will be very light this time, but I have sewn a lot.

  2. It has gone cold, I do feel the cold and have put some socks and a cardigan on, I would love to have a hedgehog visit. I love the herb table x

  3. Heheh, that made me laugh, I spend most of my time shouting 'close the door' when it's cold and 'open the door' when it's hot... why don't they grasp it! Happy Doodle time xx

  4. Very posh herb table, have fun with Ruby

  5. Very posh...I wonder what you could use the shelf for...cocktails...that's if the top doesn't have drainage holes of course! x

  6. I love it Sheila, I am showing hubby as I type. Have a good time with Ruby. I am counting the weeks to our first little visitors.

  7. I'm a wimp Sheila, I have a cardigan and the heating on, but I'm freezing. That's the trouble with this country it's all or nothing.

    Can't wait to have Sienna for sleepovers when she can do things.

    I love the herb table. I've never seen anything like that before, brilliant idea. xx


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