03 March 2017

That Sinking Feeling!!!

We have had so much rain here and still it keeps coming down.
It has softened the ground under our garden path so much that the flippin' thing is sinking and soil from either side is being washed across it making it a complete mud bath.
It will have to be dug up and relaid when and if we ever get any dry weather so another job to add to the growing list of things needing doing outside this year.

Our first night last night with heating and hot water was bliss.
I managed to set the timers and everything came on when it should have done so fingers crossed it carries on behaving.

Got lots done on the tidying front last night so I pretty much have my kitchen back. Just need to sort out the new pantry space now although I won't be able to use it as the food store I was hoping for as there are still pipes in there that get warm. I will though be able to put full width shelves in and will be able to fit all of my larger kitchen appliances in there and hopefully some of my most used baking tins.
There is also a new storage space on the landing now that the tank has been removed from the airing cupboard but we need to put some board down before we start filling it as there is a hole in the floor left by all the removed pipework. I will give it a coat of paint in there to brighten it up too as I don't think it's seen a paintbrush in there since the house was built in the 50's.

Today I will catch up with the laundry which was put off earlier in the week so that I didn't get in the way of the workmen and while that is doing I want to make a large batch of tomato sauce for the freezer. I have unearthed my breadmaker in all the sorting out and will be making pizza dough to freeze too once I have been to do a top up shop and picked up some yeast. I want to have everything ready for Ruby's next sleepover so that we can have a pizza night and she can make her own.

Well that's me for today from a very soggy Staffordshire....just wondering if I should go and sort out some wood and start building an

Hope it's a bit drier where you are.


  1. Just as wet here in East Yorkshire! At least you can set your timer and be toast warm now. Make your own pizza night sounds fun xx

    1. It's amazing Cheryl....waking up in a warm house is just awesome-x-

  2. Yikes! Hope you dry out soon. We had snow here last night and today is just cold. Really cold.

    1. No rain this morning...yay!!!
      You have snow again?
      When does your spring start? -x-

  3. you roll out your dough before you freeze it? A warm place to store the baking equipment has got to be good...preventing rust and horrible nasties! x

    1. Hey I shall freeze the dough in balls big enough for one pizza then defrost, roll out and leave to rise again.
      It will be good to have all of my baking tins together and as you say a warm place for them will be good-x-


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