Friday, 24 March 2017

A Mountain Of Mug Rugs!!!

For some reason I didn't feel much like working on the quilt yesterday and wanted to do something a bit smaller.
With other jobs to be done I didn't have an awful lot of time so I decided to use up leftovers of the quilt fabric to make some mug rugs and set about cutting all the 5" squares needed and I managed to get enough for eight.
There are also four quilt squares leftover as I cut forty but only needed thirty six so they will be made into a cushion.
I will get some sewing done today but not much as I have to go out shopping tonight. Probably won't get much done tomorrow either as I am off to see Ruby in her dance class show.....I had forgotten that it was tomorrow so the fabric shopping trip to Derby has been postponed. 
As Sunday is Mother's Day I am hoping Andy will offer to cook lunch and I will get a whole day at the machine.

I've been a bit lacksadaisical with the shopping over the last few weeks and have some serious holes in my store cupboard that need filling. There is still lots in the freezers so no need for meat, fish or chicken just yet.
I had better stock up on bread flour as I am making bread nearly every day now. There is dough mixing in the machine just now ready to bake a loaf for Andy to have with some soup when he comes in tonight.

Just have to finish off my shopping list, knead the dough and leave it to prove and then I will get on and sew these mug rugs.
Beans on toast with a nice cuppa for quick tea for DD and I before we go out and that will be another day done and dusted.

Hope you are all having a lovely day.



  1. Fresh bread everyday, that sounds delicious (and I'm sure it smells lovely too). Enjoy watching your little dancer tomorrow xx

    1. Today I twiddled the recipe a bit and it was the best loaf I have made yet.
      Andy was very

  2. Mug rugs...sound cute. Not much doing here...shoulder subluxation is rather a pain. Whatever was I thinking of playing skittles the other evening. x

    1. Glorified coasters is all Jackie but they do look cute in the quilt fabric.
      You poor girl....I hope that shoulder heals soon.

  3. Mmmm...fresh bread...I must try harder to get it right. Mine usually is a bit...well...firm!!


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