Monday, 27 March 2017

A Murky Looking Monday!!!

Payback time for the two sunny days then.
This morning is grey and cold and the heating has had to go on as I am shivering even with a cardigan on. It wasn't put on at all yesterday but I think it might be a while before we can do without it altogether.

A lovely start to the day though with Ruby being dropped off for Andy to take her to school. A nice little chat and some cuddles.
Today is DDIL's first day back at work for over a year after her maternity leave. I hope she has a good day and that it doesn't take long for her to get into her work routine.
Doodle Day will no longer be exclusive to Wednesday. It could be any day depending on what day Daddy has his day off or what day Grandad can pick her up.
It's going to feel very strange as she has come on a Wednesday ever since she started school.

Laundry day today and there is extra to do because I have sorted out two single bed sets to pass on to DDIL for Marlowe when she goes into her own bed. I don't use them any more as Ruby sleeps with me when she stays so they might as well be passed on so that they get used.
Tea tonight will be simple......sausages with tomatoes and mushrooms. I have tons of mushrooms as I picked up six punnets of organic whole mushrooms for 23p each and two punnets of sliced mushrooms for 25p each. I'll use the sliced for tea tonight and the whole ones will be made into soup and creamy garlic mushrooms for Andy to have on toast.

Broadchurch tonight.
I can't believe it will be over halfway done with only three more episodes after this one.
It shouldn't be long after it's finished that it comes out on dvd so we'll be able to get it and watch it properly without having to wait a week between each one.

Not in the mood for sewing today so I might just do some fabric coordinating to see what might be missing from my stash before I do any more fabric buying......I still have the money I came home from the NEC with burning a hole in my pocket but I will only spend it on things I really need.

So....kettle on for coffee and then I had best get on with chopping up this mountain of mushrooms and get some soup made for the freezer.
Hope it's a bit warmer where you are.



  1. Bright but cold here...just seen a learner...then done a quick Aldi in Starbucks stuffing my face...excuse being I needed the loo before getting petrol! x

    1. Sun has come out here now too but still cold.
      Enjoy that Starbucks.

  2. It rained all weekend here and today doesn't look a lot brighter. Oh well. Maybe the rain will make things grow. I've got to work out recipes for the week. What to cook... Good deal on the mushrooms! Don't think I can ever get them that cheap here. They never seem to mark anything down either.

    Hope the weather gets brighter on your end!

    1. Sun has now gone and the wind has got up a little more. I don't think it will rain but then again I have been wrong
      I've had to move my meal plan around this week so that we have Wednesday tea on Thursday so that Ruby doen't miss out on chicken fajita wraps. She loves them.
      Good luck with your menu planning-x-

  3. Your day is sounding pretty similar to mine x

    1. Two large boxes of soup and three boxes of creamy garlic mushrooms ready for the freezer and I still have two punnets of whole mushrooms left.....mushroom omelettes on Wednesday

  4. It is on and off light rain today in the Midwest USA but it is much needed. We had almost no snow or participation resulting in a moderate drought.

    Your daughter-in-law was blessed to have a year off from work. Is that the amount of time that all mums can take off? Here you are only entitled to 12 weeks and your job is protected. Not very long is it?

    Good idea to sort out the single sheets you don't use and pass on.


    1. I thought we might get some rain but it has brightened up a little now and we have some sun.

      I'm not sure how long the statutory maternity leave is but I know that DDIL had toil hours and some holiday leave to take which enabled her to take the extended time off. She was a bit tearful this morning when she went off...poor girl-x-

  5. I woke up to sunshine and it is still going strong. windows and doors flung wide open, but once the sun slips down behind the mountain it will be chilly I expect.

  6. It's been blue sky and sun here today but there's a chill in the air. Definitely still cardigan and coat weather where I'm concerned.

    Hope DDIL's first day back at work went well. It's hard to leave little ones isn't it. Sophie returns on 19th April and I know she's not looking forward to leaving Sienna even for 3 days.

    I'm really enjoying this series of Broadchurch it's much better than the last one although I've had to try to not overthink some scenes, like the one in the cafe where they were discussing victim support which would definitely have been overheard by everyone in there.

    The jury is still out on who dunnit here at Number 38 - we change our minds weekly :) Hope there's a good ending. A lot of dramas seem to end badly recently or don't have any real ending at all - can't stand that.

    Hope you have a lovely week. xx


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