19 March 2017

Happy Birthday Marlowe!!! my Little Miss Marly Moo is one year old.
Happy Birthday you gorgeous little girl.

We had a lovely family party yesterday with DDIL's family up from London and Brighton and Marlowe absolutely loved all the attention.
The most hilarious thing was seeing her attacking her very first piece of cake. She started off very neatly breaking small pieces off.......and then the fists went in and all of a sudden everywhere was covered in cake.
She almost needed hosing down on the back
So birthday number one down and many more to go.

I am still feeling a trifle delicate from hauling my poor old body round the NEC and can't summon up the energy to go out for lunch so we are having a simple meal of stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in pancetta with roast potatoes and veg and then I will spend the afternoon layering up the squares for the rag quilt and pinning them ready for quilting.....well I will once I have put all my new stuff away so that I actually see the
I'll have a good long session this afternoon/evening as there is nothing to watch on tv.

The housework can wait until tomorrow.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet Marlowe!! I just love her name. No photos of the cake everywhere?? : ) Your dinner sounds delicious. I never thought of wrapping chicken with pancetta. What a great idea!! When you said you're making veg does that mean you're having vegetables with dinner or is veg a specific type of vegetable. Excuse my American ignorance!! Lol!! I hope you're enjoying your Sunday Sheila!! I completely agree with you about the housework!!!! : ) xo

    ~ Wendy

    1. Thank you so much Wendy.
      I would love to be able to show a picture of her with her cake but unfortunately due to the nature of the jobs her Mummy and Daddy do I am unable to share photos on here.
      Before I wrapped the chicken I cut a pocket in it and filled it with sage and onion stuffing. The veg was just a selection of cauliflower in white sauce, carrots and was delicious-x-

    2. That sounds so delicious!! Thanks for sharing!! I understand about the need for privacy with photos. I have some family members that are the same way. xo

  2. My Goodness! That 12 months has gone quickly -it doesn't seem 5 minutes since you were waiting for Marlowe's arrival - Happy Birthday Marlowe xx

    1. Thank you Trudie.
      Hasn't it just gone so quickly. I remember the day she arrived like it was yesterday-x-

  3. Happy birthday to Marlowe, sounds like it was a great first birthday xx

    1. Thank you Cheryl.
      I'd forgotten how much fun little babies birthday parties are-x-


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