Monday, 6 March 2017

Another Day In The Life Of A Housewife!!!

Well I didn't have a busy day after all yesterday.
I started to feel a bit weird after lunch. I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong until I went to take my evening medication and found that I had forgotten to take my morning medication.
What an idiot.
By then it was too late to take it so I have got up this morning still feeling a bit odd. That should clear soon as I have made sure to take it this morning.

It's a funny old day weatherwise.....sunny but way too much grey cloud to think that it will stay dry all day. Never mind....there is plenty to do inside although I think I had better try and pace myself a bit today.

I'm getting quite excited about going to the NEC a week on Friday and have been perusing the list of sewing exhibitors and visiting some of their websites. It looks like there is going to be some pretty gorgeous stuff there.
I only have a couple of things on my list at the moment.....three if you count the totally unattainable Simply Sixteen mini long arm quilter at £6,
It's a very boring list really....just a stock up on Schmetz machine needles which I can't get locally any more and a June Tailor Shape Cut Ruler that looks very awesome indeed.
Anything else I bring back will be very considered purchases.
We plan to walk the hall first and make a note of things that interest us before we buy anything.
Luckily I have a birthday next month so I will be getting early gifts of cash from Andy and DD.....I am one very blessed wife and momma.

Right I will go and get that ex airing cupboard sorted out finally and then sort out some other jobs to make the most of a couple of hours before I give myself some time off to finish the quilt for Smudge.

Have a lovely day.


  1. You'll have a great day Sheila and I bet you'll come back with a lot more than you've mentioned above - I'm having one of the Brother quilting demo sewing machines from there on the Tuesday after the show reduced and no where near £6! Have you ever been to the festival of quilts there in August? that is absolutely brilliant as it is all just sewing and is huge - over 2 halls - I'm going to do 2 days there this year - you'd love it - hope you have a great day next week - we're there the day after you....leave me some fabric wont you? xx

    1. It's going to be fab I know Trudie. A whole day in a place just filled with sewing stuff.
      Lucky you having a new machine. I think that will be on my Christmas list this year. I need something with more throat space so I will be looking while I'm there.
      I'll make sure and leave you some

    2. Hiya Sheila
      I've had the Brother VQ2 - it's got 11 inches of throat space so it's great for getting a quilt through and the throats also taller so it makes putting the walking foot on with my arthritic fingers so much easier - I managed to get £500 knocked off the price with it being on special offer and having the ex demo machine - I'll let you know how I get on with it but at my demonstration it looked brill - you have a good time - looking forward to seeing Smudges quilt too xxx

    3. That sounds fabulous Trudie. I'd love to know how you get on with it.
      Such a bargain too-x-

  2. That should read - nowhere near £6k! ....sorry xx

  3. Best laid plans and're really disciplined if you only come back with items on the list! Hope you feel back to normal tomorrow. x

    1. I'm sure there will be deviations from the list

  4. Have a great time, I buy organ needles in bulk (100) from GS UK, I dont seem to have any events to visit on the calendar this year

  5. I am really going to enjoy the day as it's the first time I have been when I am not shopping for business purposes...just for pleasure.
    I'll have a look at GS UK...thanks for that-x-

  6. I'm terrible for taking morning medication, quite often it can be lunchtime before I remember!

    I think you've been very good knowing you were going to the NEC yet deciding to spend your money on a new boiler rather than a long arm quilter! xx


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