25 March 2017

Sunny Saturday!!!

What a beautiful morning to wake up to this morning.
Sunshine and blue skies outside.
Not so good inside......Andy has a cold and you know what a man with a cold is like. He has obviously caught it from DD and me but his is twenty times worse than ours was.
I have no patience for mollycoddling him today.

I am off out to the theatre later to see Ruby playing part of the Yellow Brick Road in her dance class show. 
Really looking forward to that.

The rest of the day will be spent pottering and making some sweet and sticky meatballs to have with salad for tea and then maybe some sewing as I am not much in the mood for film watching tonight.

All eight of the mug rugs got finished yesterday......

.....the colours are a lot nicer in real life. The yellow spot fabric is a lovely rich buttery colour.

DD has gone off to the garden centre. She is going to make a start on redesigning the front garden this weekend and has gone to look for ideas on what to plant.
The front gets so much more sun so we can make it look totally different to the back.

Seeing as Andy is so focused on himself and his ruddy cold I expect I will be cooking my own Mother's Day lunch tomorrow so I won't get my sewing day. I might cook lunch and then get DD to take me to Dunelm for a wander round the fabric department.
Oh I lead such an exciting

Hope you are all enjoying sunshine today.


  1. Lovely mug rugs. Well done on finishing them all!

    Hope Andy feels better soon. I wish I woke up to sunshine. Yesterday in the daytime was so beautiful. It was lovely and warm. I actually had my windows open! Later came storms and rain. The rain will be staying all weekend it seems. Sigh.

    1. Awwww I hope your sunshine arrives soon.
      It has been lovely today but I have still been very cold and had to put the heating on-x-

  2. Those mug rugs are lovely - hope you have a great night watching your little Grand daughter and have a good day tomorrow xx

    1. The show was just so sweet Trudie and Ruby was over the moon to be given an Easter Egg for taking

  3. Love the mug rugs :) Men and their colds! Usually the males of the household get the colds first so I am the one mopping the brows and supplying tea and sympathy.Then when they are better and it's my turn I find there are no tissues or lemsip.As for chance.Lol

    1. Lol Chris.....all DD and I have when we get a cold is some menthol sweets or something just to keep our throats oiled....he has bought half of Boots the Chemist-x-

  4. We were just talking about how dramatic men are when they aren't feeling well. Lol!! They really are ridiculous sometimes, aren't they? I'm so sorry it has to interrupt your Mother's Day. Those mug rugs are so pretty. Much nicer than plain old coasters! XOXO

    ~ Wendy


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