Sunday, 5 March 2017

....And It's Sunday Again!!!

DD was hoping for another day out in the garden but Mother Nature has decreed differently and sent us yet more buckets of rain.
It's not desperately cold but the rain is definitely stopping play.
She did a bit of a tour of the garden centres yesterday looking for arches to compare prices....hardly any to be found but she did come back with some lovely pots and the plants to go in them and managed to get them all planted up while the weather was fine.

So today is a half busy, half lazy Sunday.
Andy has been banished to the sofa as he rather tired himself out yesterday being outside all day. I want him to rest as he starts his first full week back at work tomorrow since his operation....and resting he is....I can hear him

I will be busy until it's time to watch Call The Midwife as I am just cooking lunch.....pork chops, roast potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli in white sauce, carrots, stuffing, gravy and apple sauce...yummy.
This afternoon I will go and sort out the cupboard on the landing and see what we can store in there that wants putting away but needs to be accessible and I'll sort out the towels and bedding while I'm up there.
There is a rather wide grey landing strip on me head which DD will be sorting out later and that will be another Sunday over and done with.
Why do the nicest days always go the quickest?

The quilt for Smudge is nearly finished. Just need to finish quilting it and then do the binding and he'll have his own little snuggle for chilly evenings.

With Andy back at work everyday and DD going straight to the gym after work I should be able to have a very productive week with several hours a day to myself and really get on top of everything.
Windows need washing, corners need hoovering and dust needs shifting so plenty to do.

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday.



  1. Sounds like you're well on your way to getting back to normal Sheila. Had to smile at you waking up in a warm house. That brought back memories of when we were little and we used to all get dressed in front of the fire it was that cold.

    We had roast beef today as we had visitors. I've Not cooked a roast for ages and it was lovely. Bet you can't wait to have the house to yourself can you. Hope you manage to squeeze in some sewing as well as all your jobs. X

    1. Oh yes Suzanne...loving getting back to normal.
      We used to get dressed in front of the fire too. Our bedroom windows used to have ice on the inside of them so it was too cold to get dressed up there.

      I enjoyed our roast today too....I don't always....but today I really did.
      Will definitely squeeze in some sewing this week.

  2. Slow down! One thing at a time...I can't keep up! The above comment made me chuckle and remember Mum warming my school vest in the Rayburn on a cold Winters was a little too hot though and I ended up with a vest with singed stripes on it!! x

  3. The more I get done this week....the more time I will have for sewing next week and I am all about the sewing now I have my mojo back :)
    Lol.....your poor vest with it's singed stripes-x-


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