09 March 2017

On A Roll!!!

Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments yesterday. I have only been able to reply to two and now when I click on the reply button for some reason it doesn't work.
So huge apologies to the ladies I have been unable to reply to.

A dress for Marlowe is cut out and waiting to be sewn up which will get done today. It may take a while to put the finishing touches to it because as I mentioned yesterday I am not good at buttonholes so a bit of a practice is in order.
I decided to use some fabric that I have had for ages that didn't cost an awful lot....just to make sure of the fit.....before I cut into the nicer stuff.
The instructions for the dress had me a bit baffled but I was over the moon to find a video on You Tube with instructions to simplify the exact pattern I am using. I don't do hard if an easier way can be

Ruby had a sore foot when she came last night so I let her rest it while she watched some videos on You Tube of children doing funny things....very similar to You've Been Framed. Honestly I have never heard her laugh so much. I was laughing at her laughing rather than the videos.
Can there be anything more joyful than the sound of a child laughing?

I swear T**** have stolen my idea for magic vegetable soup. It's the soup I whizz up for Ruby when I make chunky veg soup for us. She doesn't like veg she can see but she loves it when it's smooth. I call it Ganma's Magic No Vegetable Veg Soup. They call it Nana's Magic Soup.

Well the sun is shining and the breeze is blowing. The black clouds that were here earlier have disappeared into the distance so I might risk putting some towels on the line for a while even if I have to finish them in the dryer.
I'll feed Andy who will be off to work  just after midday and then I am going to sew.
I am really on a roll now I have the mojo in residence again and I'm loving it.

Hope you are all having a sunshiney day.



  1. You are a clever old stick! Now where on Earth did that saying derive from?! x

    1. I haven't the faintest idea but it's a lot more polite than some of the things I get

  2. I find that such a comforting ad, who knew they'd nicked it from you 😘 xx

    1. Ruby always says it makes her tummy feel warm and cosy....bless her little heart-x-

  3. Like you I have made magic soup for years, I also used to make Loud mashed potatoes with carrots and swede cooked in with the potatoes. I also cooked beetroot in it sometimes, that made very Loud mash.

    1. Well I've never done mash with beetroot in but I just know I would love it. I could eat beetroot for England-x-


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