13 March 2017

Cool, Calm And Collected!!!

A good night of sleep last night and I have woken up feeling much better than I did yesterday.
I ended up having a sleep on the sofa yesterday afternoon as the headache was proving difficult to shift. I took some painkillers and had me nap which got rid of it.
I do believe that after my busy day on Saturday that housework is not that good for your

Had a quick look at my fabrics and have decided that I need to up my collection of blenders. There are lots of florals, lots of spots and plenty of plains but nothing with smaller patterns to go with anything. I will make that one of my missions on Friday and maybe have a look for fat quarter packs with small patterns and designs to mix in with what I have.
I probably won't do any cutting then until I see what I can get.
One job I can do is sort out the offcuts of batting and cut that up into as many nine inch squares as I can get out of it ready for the rag quilt I have planned for The Doodle Family.
I'll do that this afternoon while Andy has his nap ready for going to work tonight and if there is time I could make a start on cutting up the fabric for that.

Despite the bit of sunshine we've been having it's still pretty cold here so I have a beef stew for tea tonight. Andy will want his dumplings as always but DD and I will have plain boiled potatoes with ours I think or I might just do myself some salad and not bother with stew as I am not sure I want it after the huge roast lunch yesterday. I'll see what I feel like.

His Nibs has just gone off to the doctors for his latest blood test before he goes for his next hospital appointment. I'll shove the hoover round while he's out else once he goes to bed I'll have to wait until he gets up by which time it's tea time.

He could be out for ages yet so I am off to get myself a coffee before I do anything else.

Hope you all have a lovely day today.



  1. Glad you are feeling a little more refreshed today, ooh beef stew and dumpling I haven't had that in ages, enjoy your week x

    1. I gave in and had the stew with boiled new was very nice :) -x-

  2. I hate headaches like that. Had one a couple of days ago. They end up making me feel sick. Yuck. Glad you're feeling a little better today. Looking forward to seeing the quilt in progress.

    Beef stew sounds like just the thing. It's cold and snowy here today. I think that calls for something hot and filling for hubby and son when they come home from work. Son is working outside -5c here so he'll need something warm when he gets home.

    1. Me too Sharon. I felt a bit sick with mine too.
      The quilt has begun and as it is a rag quilt it shouldn't take too long.
      My meals are always planned around Andy and Roz as they both work very hard and Roz is outside all day. It's been sunny but it's still very nippy out there.
      Working outside in -5c...oh my lord I think I would just sit and

  3. I have a list ready for Saturday too - we normally leave a flask of coffee and a bite to eat in the car for when we come out and to carry us through to when we get home - usually a comfortable pair of shoes to drive home in too because my feet are usually aching by the time I get out -the drinks in the NEC are expensive and as the day progresses it gets harder and harder to find somewhere to sit, hence the reason for the quick coffee before starting for home - glad you're feeling better today nothing worse than a bad head like that xx

    1. Well Trudie I don't know if mine is a list or the start of a covers rather a lot of paper.
      I refuse to buy food at the NEC so we will have something in the car too when we have done. I might make some scones as I would imagine we will leave around 2pm ish to avoid the traffic on the way home or before if I have spent
      Hope you have a fab day-x-

  4. Oooh I'm with Andy, it would be stew and dumplings for me definitely. Glad you're feeling better. Those 24 hour things are a nuisance.

    Hope all is well with the blood tests. xx

  5. I agree...housework can seriously mess with your health! Think the changing seasons can have an effect also. Different air pressure an the like. Happy fabric hunting! x

  6. Sorry Suzanne and Jackie the reply thing is playing up again :( I will have to answer you here instead.

    Suzanne....I gave in and had the stew but no dumples for me just some boiled potatoes and steamed cabbage.
    It was very nice indeed.

    Jackie I am sure you are right about the changing seasons.
    As for the fabric hunting...I know what I want but will I be able to find it or will I be distracted by everything else and come home without


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