Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Mr Smudge Models His New Quilt!!!

I absolutely loved making this quilt for our little fella and he is loving having a snuggle under it before breakfast.
He's getting an old boy now so he gets up in the morning goes for a wander round the garden and then comes back in for another snooze, has his breakfast and then goes for his morning walk with Daddy......and then comes in for yet another snooze and mega snoring
We love this little boy to bits.

A bit closer view so that you can see the fabrics....

I was hoping to have enough of the yellow backing to make the binding too but had to settle for black instead.

One pattern has been cut out and I am hoping to start on a little popover dress for Miss Marlowe today. I will have to take some time out and some scrap fabric to practice buttonholes.
I am not good at buttonholes so why did I choose a pattern with ruddy buttonholes on it? Honestly I do wonder at meself sometimes.

It's Wednesday so it's Miss Doodle Day. We did have a very quick visit from her on Sunday when she bought Grandad a present of some black pudding they got at the farm shop. Unfortunately her visit came just as DD had finished applying my hair dye and I looked a right sight.......I still got a kiss though 😍

Tea tonight will be a bit of a mish mash of things that want using up so....cold sliced sausages, chicken strips and a bowl of spinach salad but to avoid being a cruel Ganma....making Ruby eat salad two weeks on the will offer tomato soup although there will be enough of what we are having if she wants it.

Just a quick tidy up and a hoover round today and then I'll get sorting out which fabric I am going to play with for the dress....I have quite a few to choose from so it's going to be

Thanks so much for stopping by today.


  1. It is lovely Shelia, I can see Smudge loves it as well x

  2. Lucky Smudge! Keep cosy little one.

  3. The quilt is stunning - Smudge is very lucky indeed. They need black and white quilts for the baby unit and having seen yours I'm inspired to make one.

    It always makes me smile when Ruby has tomato soup. It was my favourite when I was little as well. I wish Thomas would eat something so quick and easy sometimes. It would make life a lot easier. xx

  4. The quilt is gorgeous!! I love it. Grilled cheese and tomato soup is the best winter lunch! I think we've had it on both cold days here...Florida is warming up during the winter...I might have to break the rules and have it again before summer really heats up.

  5. Smudge and his new quilt both look lovely - love the fabrics in the quilt, they go together really well - enjoy your day with your Granddaughter xx

  6. Beautiful quilt! I really like the yellow background. Really makes it pop.

  7. Ben is an old boy now and has a few quilts but far prefers to wait till my back is turned and pull my lap blanket off the sofa back. 2 seconds and his is on it and snoring.


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