Sunday, 16 May 2010

Where's She Been?!!!

Well not up to London to visit the queen......that's for!!!
No......I have been wrestling with rolls of wallpaper and finally getting round to finishing the job on the second staircase. I have finished papering the ceiling, the new light fitting is installed on the landing and all I have left to do is paper the walls and paint the ceiling and walls so the worst jobs are out of the way now.
When I look at the acres of ceiling I have papered I just can't believe I was mad enough to do!!!
So not much papering of the crafty kind going on here at Manic Towers although I need to knuckle down tomorrow and design a couple of things for a class on Thursday.

Volcanic ash permitting.......Deb is off to Spain on Tuesday so I have three days at the shop next week. Couldn't do Friday as I have my appointment with the cardiologist but I am doing a class on Saturday with Debs regular ladies.

Ah well that's me done for now. I am feeling pretty shattered so after a nice cuppa and a browse on the net I think I might shuffle off, put a film on and snuggle on the sofa.

Tara for now

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