Saturday, 1 May 2010

Happy Things!!!

I've been a bit of a grumpy old woman for a few days so DD took me out yesterday to cheer me up a bit and it certainly did the trick.
We went to our favourite garden centre........Bridgemere.......and were totally bad and had a cream tea with a voucher we got for a BOGOF. Back on the straight and narrow today though. This beautiful Helebore came home with me.........well it was an absolute bargain at £5........Who could resist that?Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous tea towels. They will never dry a single pot as I have other plans for them. They are not your bog standard rectangular tea towels either. They are big square ones so I am thinking apron.....and bunting with the leftovers. They came as a set of three for £10 all but a penny. It's been a tad chilly here today so a bit of home baking was in order. Spiced Apple & Raisin Cake from my diabetic cookbook and Ginger Snaps made with Half Spoon sugar so that I can have one without feeling too guilty.
Hubby shocked the hell out of me today. Usually when I ask him to do a DIY job it takes him two years to think about and probably another two to get round to doing!!! This morning I enquired about the possibility of having a shelf above door height in the bathroom to store all the spare bottles, tubes and sprays that clutter up the window is done and dusted. He went straight out and got the materials and it was done by just after lunch. That's a big gold star on his!!!
Didn't get much done in the way of crafting today what with baking and other housey stuff but tomorrow I get to spend the whole day upstairs playing......yay!!!
Off for a soak in the bath and a read. I have a Cathy Kelly on the go at the moment and usually love her books but I'm finding this one a bit hard to get into. Maybe I am more in the mood for a murder.death, kill book so I might put it by and go raid DD's bookshelf while she is out........she's out on a hen night so I don't think she would notice if I took the!!!
Bye for now and thanks for dropping by.


  1. if your looking for a good read. read the book everyone is talking about 'the girl with the dragon tattoo. I just finished it. It is a brilliant read. Definitely MDK

  2. LOL had to laugh about your hubby mine is just the same 7 years to put it a 6 inch piece of skirting board .

    love your work !

  3. Beautiful plant Sheila and what a bargain, I can understand you hearing it shout 'buy me, buy me'!

    Enjoy your crafting day!

    Keryn x


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