Monday, 3 May 2010

Bank Holday Fun!!!

I have been crafting today but not in my usual way. I have been knitting.........yes you read that!!!
The last time I completed a knitted project was about 25 years ago when I knit a jumper for my son. He never got to wear it as it wouldn't go over his head. The time before that was a cardigan for my daughter which unravelled in the washing machine so you can see why knitting has never been high on my list of fun things to!!!
Anyway yesterday I fell in love with a project in one of the books I purchased and I have finished all the knitting and just need to sew it together now.

Nipped into town with hubby this morning and he treated me to another couple of books from The Works. One has beautiful ideas for projects with empty jars and the other is about making bags and decorating existing ones.
Sometimes I get a bit fed up of making cards and as I have more time on my hands now that my hours have gone down again at the shop I thought I would look at some different things to do with stamping and papercraft for my own pleasure and use rather than just making things to teach.
With that in mind I am off to wander around the web in search of papier mache and wooden things.

Thanks for dropping by.

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