Monday, 17 May 2010

Inky Things!!!

Ewwww......this looks a bit washed out on here. It's very vibrant IRL.
I was asked for a class with a bookmark in a card so this is one version I have done. The card is DL, the bookmark is just slightly shorter and sits inside a little pocket made from the piece cut from the front.
Inks used are Adirondacks in Butterscotch, Lettue and favourite combination.
Stamps are Inkadinkado.

Had a good visit with the nurse and the doctor this morning. My cholesterol is now down to 4 which is great, blood sugar still a little high but my medication is being adjusted to help with that. Just need to get through the visit to the cardio on Friday now.

Things are looking OK for Debs flight far anyway. I can't imagine how awful it must be to book your holiday, get packed for it, travel to the airport and then get told you can't go. I think I would just lie on the floor and throw a tantrum.

Off to put me feet up for a bit.
Bye for now.......thanks for visiting.


  1. I agree Sheila, those three colours do look gorgeous together. Those Inkadinkado stamps are lovely too and their sets are always such good value. I've just been making a project using their Birds Galore set.

    Bet those ladies are going to really enjoy their class.

    lesely Xx

  2. I love what you did here Sheila!!!
    What a terrific idea and the colors are fantastic!
    Huge Kudos!
    Joan :)

  3. FABULOUS Sheila, wish I was on your class, the ladies will have a great time. Made a note of the colours as they look soooooo nice together.
    Pleased to hear things are going well health wise, good luck for friday.
    Christine xx


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