Saturday, 22 May 2010

Heart Still Beating!!!

Sorry that blog posts are a bit lacking in pictures at the moment. I have been busy sorting out projects for the shop and prepping for the big all day workshop we have next Friday plus there is another full workshop Saturday which I want to prep for as we won't have time Friday. Once all the materials are cut and sorted into packs I want to sort out all the ink pads, stamps etc that we will be using and get the table set up. I should have that done by Tuesday even though my energy levels are at rock bottom with this heat. So I am not getting much chance to work on my own stuff for the moment.

Was very shocked yesterday when I saw the cardiologist and he said that the problem I had at Christmas was heart failure. I just couldn't believe it. However he said that I had recovered from it well and as I had had no chest pains or breathing difficulties since then that he would see me again in nine months time and see how things are then.

Got my precious little Ruby coming tomorrow and bringing her mummy and daddy for lunch. Can't wait for a big cuddle.

Right I am going to unearth the fan from the depths of the cupboard to see if it will help me sleep better tonight.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I'm definitely with you when it comes to hot weather Sheila. I just don't like it, the lethargy, constantly feeling sticky and hiding indoors because the bright sun gives me a headache.

    I can understand your shock yesterday after seeing the consultant but you must be doing the right things or he wouldn't be leaving you 9 months before the next appointment.

    Enjoy your cuddles with Ruby.

    Lesley Xx

  2. Have been wondering how you got on on Friday. It's good news that you've recovered well. At least now that your other health problems are being treated, you know you're on the right path and are doing all the right things. Take care of yourself, missus. xx


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