Monday, 10 May 2010

Crushed Foil Background!!!

This is the background I was working on the other day.
It doesn't photograph very well but I hope you can get the idea of it. I've taken a piece of thin chipboard and covered it with kitchen foil which has been screwed up and unfolded. You need to try and keep as many of the creases as you can so don't smooth it out too much.
When I trimmed it I left enough to take round and glue onto the back. I just used a glue stick to attach it. At this stage you can emboss it in a folder if required although it does flatten the background down a bit.
Next I painted it with black gesso and let it dry then lightly swooshed over it with a baby wipe to remove some of the gesso from the higher areas revealing the silver underneath. It needs to dry thoroughly can do this with a heat gun.
For the next stage I added mica powders.......Cosmic Shimmers for this sample........then spritz with water so that the colours blend together and dry with a heat gun.
The powders wash off the foil and onto the black background so you get silver veins showing through the colour.
That's it........job done.
For this sample I used a Cuttlebug star folder and the Rock Star stamp set by Inkadinkado.
My black gesso was from Hobbycraft.......where the Bob Ross painting range is.
I am so excited.........DD and DDIL are thinking of moving closer to us. They rent at the moment and there's a house just round the corner to let. I do so hope they go and have a look at it. I have everything!!!
Had quite a productive day today after having to get up early to go and have my blood tests. I have even.......and this must be a first.........tidied my desk ready to start again when I get home from the shop tomorrow. The floor has been hoovered to within an inch of it's life.........for the second time in a week.......any more of this lark and people will think I'm a bloomin' Stepford Wife never mind a domestic!!!
Anyway........I am off for a bath and then the old feet are going up on the sofa for a good snuggle and a read.
Tara for now.........and thanks for your visit.


  1. What an effective technique Sheila but then your's always are. Thanks for the how to. I didn't realise you could get black gesso.

    Lesley Xx

  2. Sheila this is a fabulous card and your background is something else!!
    Anne x

  3. WOW Sheila, this is a gorgeous creation. Thanks for sharing another technique with your blogging friends.
    Christine xx

  4. This looks like a fab technique Sheila, and your card is stunning as usual. Sue C x


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