26 May 2010

Roll On The Weekend!!!

Ooooh I shan't half be glad to see Saturday night I can tell you.
Just like last week I have something on every day and won't have a minutes peace until Saturday afternoon.
I am off tomorrow but I have to go into Derby with DD to help her choose an outfit for the wedding on Friday. I know she is old enough to go shopping on her own but if I let her she will come back with jeans and Doc Martins and some totally unsuitable t shirt. If I go at least I will be able to steer her towards something a bit more may hear screams.......even up in Scotland!!!
Working Thursday and Friday and then Saturday I am being taken out for the morning......just hope I am not expected to get up too early.
Before I can hope to get anything done upstairs at the weekend I shall need to have a tidy up. Gawd it looks like an army has marched through it. There is stuff everywhere........only because I have been looking for things and in too much of a hurry to put things back.

Deb flies back later today and will be back at work on Thursday. I've not seen any mention of the ash cloud so hopefully she will get back OK.

Right I need to go and have a ferret behind the radiator as I knocked my current book off the back of the sofa when I was sitting watching one of the worst films I have ever seen in my life with hubby and DD earlier..........avoid it at all costs......Blades Of Glory. DD said it was funny but I just found it smutty, silly and totally unfunny.
Anyway........hope the spiders have gone to sleep behind the!!!

Night night and thanks for dropping by.

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  1. I suppose that ferret behind the radiator is destined for the freezer, is it?


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