Thursday, 8 January 2009

Summer Bright!!!

Apparently I wasn't the only one with problems uploading pics last night so I'm glad that I didn't sit trying to fiddle about to find out what was wrong.
Looks as if things are OK now but we'll see when I try to post this.

The card I am posting tonight is simply the design of the Valentine card turned on it's side with the ribbon tied across the bottom.
I have used K & Co paper with stamps by Inkadinkado (flourish) and Kars (flower image).
The background paper has been overdoodled with a fine black pen.

I was a bit restless last night and ended up sitting in my room at silly o'clock and had a bit of an idea. I have been considering buying one of those ribbon straightener thingys but decided it was not a necessary purchase when I have a travel iron in my room that I could use. However I do love gadgets and gizmos and hit on the idea of using my old curling tongs and running my ribbon through that to iron out any kinks..........well you know flippin' well works a treat. So that is one set of curling tongs saved from being binned.....yay!!! Eeeeeh I were dead!!!

Feeling very shivery and achey today with a sore throat so I expect I am coming down with something revolting. Luckily I have three days off now and don't have anything urgent to do if I need to take time out.

I am playing about with a new look for the blog. Not sure about the black and white theme so it may well change again.

Bye for now.


  1. Wish I'd kept my hair tongs now! Hope the shivers etc don't develop into anything nasty. x

  2. Beautiful card Sheila, I love everything about it especially the doodling.
    Hope you don't come down with anything nasty.

    Christine xx


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