Saturday, 5 August 2017


Today may be the first day of DD never having to work weekends again but I have not let her rest on her
I have taught her how to make a beef stew and dumplings from scratch just standing by and giving her instructions so that she gets to be hands on. I think you learn better that way.
It is smelling beautiful and will be served up before long.
I am so proud of her.

Once the stew was on and cooking we took a little trip up to the garden centre as I needed to visit Cotton Traders for a new shower jacket....sort of like a kagoule but a bit posher with a full length zip and side pockets instead of an under the bust, side to side pocket that makes you look like the Hunchfront of Notre Dame if you put anything in
Navy blue with a red trim...perfect. I am now sorted for all this rain we keep getting.

The Doodles will be travelling back from Cornwall to London today so I hope they don't get the rain we have had here while they are on the road. Torrential is an understatement but now we have blue skies and sunshine although it is quite chilly.

The timer has gone so that means tea is ready to be served and I am so ready for it today.

Are you all having a lovely weekend?


  1. Enjoy your beef stew. It will be all the tastier for not having had to cook it yourself. It's Shakshuka for us this evening and it's beginning to smell delicious.
    Hope the Doodles have a safe journey home. X

    1. The stew was delicious Jules and yes it was extra tasty not having cooked myself....I could get quite used to this flittering about in the
      I will have to Google Shakshuka as I have never heard of it-x-

    2. It's simple and tasty and a one pot meal (my favourite kind). I'll put it on my blog later this week. Glad you enjoyed the stew. X

  2. Sounds lovely, your DD is getting quite good at this cooking lark, I learn best by actually doing something too xx

  3. How lovely not having to work weekends, it is great you are showing DD the ropes in the kitchen, my mother was/is rubbish in the kitchen, I am self taught xx

  4. Wow!Stew and dumplings from scratch is a great family tea from a beginner or is it intermediate now cook!Are you teaching DD yourself or gently pushing cook books in her direction?

  5. Stew and a new raincoat...maybe a Summer will return! x


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