Tuesday, 8 August 2017

All Awash!!!

It has been very wet outside this morning although it is drying up now.
The same cannot be said of inside where Andy has constantly got the kettle on and I am awash with tea and coffee......and that won't be drying up until he goes back to work on Monday.
I may well have drowned by

Smudge enjoyed his walk in the woods yesterday but the poor little mite is totally whacked and has done nothing but sleep since.
He is currently belly up on the sofa with his legs akimbo and snoring like a little cute.

As much as I love chicken I can't stand the smell of it when it's being poached.....and that is what I am doing at the moment ready for Ruby's pie.......but it will taste lovely once it is mixed with a thick leek sauce.

Ruby will be going away for another week this coming weekend with London grandparents and when they get back the next Sunday everyone will be piling round to ours for either a barbecue or an inside buffet.....depending on the weather. The food will be the same whichever so I am enjoying planning that at the moment.
Love it when we all have a get together.

With Andy under my feet there isn't much going on in the crafty department but he'll be back at work next Monday and then I really have to get my finger out and get some sewing done.......Christmas stuff...yay....I am so looking forward to that.

Hope the weather is being kind where you are.


  1. A get together sounds like a lot of fun! Glad Smudge enjoyed hos walk. Hope you're not as worn out as the dog!

    1. It will be a lot of fun Sharon we love our get togethers-x-


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