Monday, 13 February 2017

What A Noisy Night!!!

I have spent the night tossing and turning thanks to a very noisy wind whistling round corners and moaning in the chimney. I ended up coming down to sleep on the sofa and eventually managed to get a couple of hours.

One quilt is cut layered and basted ready to be quilted and one is cut and layered. I think I'll get that basted too before I get the machine out. I've decided against using the tiny floral for a binding so need to go through my fabric stash to see what I have that can be used instead. Hoping to get at least one of them finished by Wednesday for Ruby to see.

We are just waiting for the plumber to come and do the measuring up for the conversion. He should have been here at 9:30.

As we have had quite a lazy snuggled up weekend there are jobs waiting to be done. I've ticked one off the list already and done the tidying and hoovering in the lounge. Andy has cleaned out the fireplace and relaid the fire for tonight. My next job is to sort and start on the laundry and if the wind keeps up I may be able to get some dried outside. It will need double pegging though.

I had planned to make chilli for tea tonight but guess who forgot to take the minced beef out......yes that would be a change of plan to something with chips and the chilli is shufted over to tomorrow.

Ah ha.....the plumber has arrived at last so I will go and offer coffee.

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. Another lady with a list...''tis the only way I fear! x

  2. At my age Jackie I daren't not have a

  3. Without a list I don't know where I would be.

    1. I feel quite sad that I have gone from a lady wot lunches to a lady wot needs a

  4. If your plumber has turned up you're half way there :)

    I had some catching up to do yesterday as well after spending most of the weekend sat on my behind crocheting and knitting.

    Monday is my favourite day where tea is concernnd. It's always something from the freezer with chips (generally fish fingers). The rest of the week it's 'proper' cooking and me slaving over the stove! xx

  5. I'm with Suzanne , Mondays here too is 'summat' n chips! Easy tea to help stave off those back to work blues!!


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