08 February 2017

Dolly Goes To Sleep!!!

I accomplished half of my mission in making the dolls bedclothes and I am pretty happy about

Two sleeping bags and two pillows.
When she is lying down the sleeping bag just comes nicely up to her shoulders and she looks very cosy in there.
Ruby is going to be so chuffed with this.
I used about half a metre....maybe a smidge over....of the flowered fabric at a cost of £1.50 and one of a pair of pillow cases made both backings and both pillows at a cost of £1.50 so £3 for the whole lot.
A sleeping bag with a pillow and a couple of accessories in the DesignAFriend range is £10 so a massive saving of £17 as I would have had to buy two.
Next on my list is the two quilts, Two more pillows and covers for the matresses which are currently covered in some revolting microfibre stuff but I will have to start on those tomorrow and they will be done for Ruby's visit next Wednesday.

I now have three hours to tidy up, prepare a birthday tea, sort out some candles for her cake, wrap her other gifts and then set everything out for my gorgeous birthday girl who much to my shock will be 7 years old on Saturday. Where did that time go?

Just taken the phonecall for the quote for the conversion to oil and it isn't quite as much as I thought it would be. Just need Andy to OK it and the plumber says that the work can be done as soon as we like. I am beyond go and get on with getting this party sorted.

Hope you are all having a smashing day.


  1. Smashing on all counts. Hope the party goes with a swing! x

  2. You are such a wonderful Granny, bet she had a wonderful time. Good news about the oil.

    1. Ruby had a fab time thank you-x-

  3. The sleeping bags and pillows are beautiful. Now if you could just rustle up a bigger version for me when I'm in the van.....

    The bed is very posh as well. One lucky dolly! xx


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